AGRER - Covid-19

To our clients, project teams and partners
As you know the situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic is pretty alarming – many governments are taking safety and containment measures.
Yesterday, Belgian Government decided to go into lockdown in the whole country, affecting all social activities, and part of economic activities in Belgium until 5 April. International travels are also under restrictions.

I want to make clear to all of you that AGRER is continuing its activities and ensures follow-up of all ongoing projects and contracts. We have taken all necessary measures so that headquarters’ staff (managers, project managers, support staff,…) are able to go on working, mainly through teleworking.

We ask everybody to respect individual health and safety instructions, as well as recommendations provided by local Authorities. These measures taken by the governments will probably impact the smooth implementation of projects. Specific context of each project will be assessed by each AGRER’s Project Manager in charge, on a case-by-case basis.
This follow-up will be done and, when needed, appropriate actions will be taken in close cooperation with project’s counterparts, respecting contractual commitments, in view to limit possible impacts for all parties.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
All the best,

François Dugauquier, Director, Acting Managing Director

Brussels – 18 March 2020

West Africa

Technical Assistance to the Project for Improvement of Governance of Resilience, of Food and Nutrition Security, and of Sustainable Agriculture in West Africa (EU, 10/2018-10/2022)


Institutional capacity building in the sectors of the coca global development, illegal drug trafficking and food safety for an efficient management of the sectoral budget support in Bolivia (EU, 01/2018-10/2022)


Climate Change Technical Assistance Program / Strategic Actions Supporting Agriculture and Irrigation (World Bank, 01/2017-07/2017)


Resilient natural resource management for growth project - provision of consultancy services to undertake a Reconnaissance survey of agricultural water management in the Usangu Flat, Southern Tanzania (World Bank, 10/2016-07/2018)

Usangu, Tanzania


Contract to provide communication and awareness-raising activities for the programme: 'Support measures for the institutional development and management of public policy' - MADIGEP (EU, 08/2016-02/2021)


ENPARD Programme : Technical assistance in support of the pilot action programme for rural development and agriculture in Algeria (EU, 08/2016–12/2019)

  • Technical Assistance to the Programme SAN "Food and Nutritional Security"  (EU, 02/2018-08/2022)
  • Strengthening Agriculture Public Services - RESEPAG II Project  : Technical Assistance for the implementation of the co-financed Fund for Farming Extension Services (OFSV) in the Southern Department of Haiti (World Bank, 05/2016-09/2019)

AGRER supports the Government of Comoros to improve the integration of climate change by the national and local actors in their strategies, plans and projects in all sectors, but in particular related to coastal zone management, water and agriculture. To this effect the company strengthens the collection, processing and management of data and their application by decision makers and stakeholders for improving the resilience to climate change and the living conditions of the population. A targeted  communication campaign intends to support this process by fostering awareness and knowledge sharing  (EU, 04/2016-02/2019)


Support for the Implementation of Agriculture Sector wide Approach (ASWAp) and the Green Belt Initiative (GBI) – Long Term Technical Assistance to the Department of Irrigation (EU, 03/2015-11/2018)