Institutional capacity building in the sectors of the coca global development, illegal drug trafficking and food safety for an efficient management of the sectoral budget support in Bolivia (EU, 01/2018-10/2022)


Contract to provide communication and awareness-raising activities for the programme: 'Support measures for the institutional development and management of public policy' - MADIGEP (EU, 08/2016-02/2021)


ENPARD Programme : Technical assistance in support of the pilot action programme for rural development and agriculture in Algeria (EU, 08/2016–12/2019)

  • Technical Assistance to the Programme SAN "Food and Nutritional Security"  (EU, 02/2018-08/2022)
  • Strengthening Agriculture Public Services - RESEPAG II Project  : Technical Assistance for the implementation of the co-financed Fund for Farming Extension Services (OFSV) in the Southern Department of Haiti (World Bank, 05/2016-09/2019)