Support to the Formulation of the Program entitled "EU Support to the Cambodia National Strategic Development Plan – Promotion of equitable growth in the Agricultural Sector

The Overall Objective of this assignment is to ensure a quality formulation of the new EU program in support to the agricultural sector in Cambodia in line with the EU Delegation Multiannual Indicative Programme 2011-2013.

The Specific Objective of the present assignment is to provide the EU Delegation in Cambodia with the necessary elements to finalise this new program's Action Fiche, technical and administrative provisions and other formulation requirements (including proposal for future technical cooperation support).

This will be based on the previous work already carried out during the identification phase and take into account developments since, including the recommendations of the Quality Support Group on the Identification Fiche. It will strictly follow the sector support and aid effectiveness guidelines of the European Union and of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

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European Commission