Mission review of the start-up phase of the Programme on Economic Growth in the Agricultural Sector (PCESA)

The overall objective of the PCESA is to increase productivity and added value of agricultural incomes in order to contribute to national economic growth and poverty reduction. The PCESA revolves around two components, namely, the A component in support to agricultural entrepreneurship, and the B component in support to the improvement of framework conditions. Through a value chain and a sectoral approach, the PCESA focuses on the development of priority sectors with potential for growth. The value chains concerned are gum arabic, shea, cowpea, maize and livestock-meat. The PCESA pays particular attention to the promotion of green investment. The PCESA operates in five regions (Eastern, Central, East, North, Sahel and Central West) considered gateways where these sectors are important.

The main purpose of this mission review of the start-up phase of the PCESA is to analyze the start of the implementation of PCESA, taking into account the contextual environment in which the program has started:

• Examine changes in the program described in the various mission reports in comparison with the document and program descriptions regarding these 2 components;

• Review progress to date in the implementation of the program components, identify constraints and/or difficulties and make necessary adjustments and recommendations;

• Recommend adjustments taking into account the approach based on human rights (HRBA) and gender as well as new Danida guidelines in order to insert them into the Country Programme 2016-2020.


Western Africa
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Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Burkina Faso