• A preliminary masterplan to allow defining in the medium term the main orientations for the development of the main targeted nodal poles of the corridor, mainly focused on the development of public and collective infrastructures and land for agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry. This masterplan will also take into account the need for development of other sectors like urbanization, education, health, transport, industry, crafts, commerce, etc.;
• A development plan for public and collective infrastructures (electricity including small hydroelectric dams, roads and rural tracks, water, harbours, logistical infrastructure like warehouses and markets, etc.) and for the implementation within five years based on the opportunities identified in the nodal poles and allow the development of targeted sectors (in the value chain of horticulture, manioc, corn, palm oil, animal husbandry and fish farming in particular). This plan should include a five year action plan and a basic preliminary design (APS) of the main public and collective priority infrastructures as well as mitigation actions of environmental and social impact;
• The detailed preliminary designs of the main public and collective priority infrastructures and of the mitigation measures to be funded by the project and identified and proposed in the plan to develop the targeted sectors in the nodal poles and estimate the cost of the drawn up detailed preliminary design; and tender documents for the main works contracts (agricultural feeder roads, small hydroelectric dams, wholesale markets, distribution centres for agricultural products).

Central and Southern Africa
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World Bank
Ministry of Finance represented by the Central Coordination Bureau (BCECO)
Congo Democratic Republic