This mission consisted in the Final Evaluation of the EU PEGASE Programme (Mécanisme Palestino – Européen de Gestion et d’Aide Socio Economique), which include the PEGASE Direct Financial Support (DFS) mechanism and the comprehensive programme of development assistance, covering the four sectors set out in the PRDP (i.e. governance, economy, infrastructures, and social) through Pegase-Governance, Pegase-Social, Pegase-Infrastructure, and Pegase - Private Sector  deployed by the Office of the European Union Representative (West Bank and Gaza Strip) - known as EUREP - in its programme of support to the Palestinian people. The period covered by the evaluation is from February 2008 to end January 2011.
Between February 2008 and January 2011, EUR 1038 million was committed by the Commission (EUR 765 million) and the other donors contributed (EUR 273 million) through PEGASE Direct Financial Support Programmes (PDFS). During the same period PDFS mechanism has disbursed around €1001 million.

Global Objective
In view of the support provided to the implementation of the PRDP through PEGASE, the overall objective of this evaluation is to provide the European Union, EU Member States, contributing donors, and the international community with:

• An overall independent assessment of the performance of PEGASE with particular attention to the impact of PEGASE-DFS in meeting its overall and specific objectives : the overall objective of PEGASE is to support the Reform and Development Agenda of the Palestinian Authority.
• Lessons learnt and practical recommendations that could be relevant for the improvement of PEGASE in meeting its objectives.


Mediterranean Region
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European Commission
West Bank & Gaza Strip