Final Evaluation of the "Strengthening Fishery products in ACP and OCTs" Programme (SFP)

The overall objective of the programme was the optimal use of ACP/OCT fishery resources to ensure improvements in production and trading capacity in relation to fishery products. The purpose (specific objective) was to improve the access of fisheries products of ACP/OCTs to the world market, by strengthening the capacity for sustainable export health controls and by improving production conditions in all beneficiary countries. It is important that products from small-scale fisheries are not excluded from the opportunities afforded by global trade.

The objectives of the final evaluation are:
–    To provide the decision-makers in the ACP Secretariat, the relevant external cooperation services of the EC and the wider public with an overall independent assessment about the performance of the SFP in ACP and OCT countries, paying particular attention to the impact of the programme actions against its objectives;
–    To identify key lessons from this programme and to propose practical recommendations for follow-up actions.

Asia South Pacific
Central and Southern Africa
Eastern Africa
Western Africa
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European Commission