Feasibility study for the development of hydraulic infrastructures in the region of Saint Louis and Kolda : Updating of feasibility study and preliminary Design Project for structuring developments in the delta of the Senegal river

The objective of the study is to update technical feasibility studies and preliminary design projects of the various solutions for the improvement of the hydraulics network (water supply and drainage) of the Delta through the elaboration of modules 2 and 3 of the Delta’s hydraulic diagram and the execution of phase 2 of branch B of the emissary. This general aims of the study are:
- To analyse available studies and information (Preliminary Design Project of the Delta’s Hydraulic diagram (1998), Detailed Design Study of the Delta’s Emissary (1997))
- To update and complete if necessary technical and economic data of the preliminary design project studies of the
Feeders and Detailed Design Project of the sewerage system (Delta’s Emissary) to allow a good financial and economic analysis of the proposed investments
- To propose a development scheme coming from a detailed description of the feeder network defining the necessary works (cleaning, recalibration, embankment, together with service and monitoring infrastructures and/or alternatives)
- To elaborate a hydraulic model for a better dimensioning of the feeders network and to take into account future management constraints.
- To establish a zoning and mapping of the actual and future gravity irrigated perimeters taking as an hypothesis a management of the DIAMA dam at a 2.5 m NGS rating
- Social and Environmental evaluation of the various interventions
- Establish a political framework for the resettlement of people affected by the interventions

Western Africa
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MCA formulation and Management mission in Senegal