Country Strategy and Programme Evaluation of the African Development Bank (AfDB)’s intervention in Zambia

The Independent Development Evaluation function (IDEV) is undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of the Bank's development results (CEDR) over the period of 2004-2014. As part of this initiative, IDEV identified a purposive sample of 15 countries, including Zambia. This evaluation in Zambia will serve both to inform the overarching analysis for the CEDR and to serve as a standalone CSPE which will inform the future decision-making and the development of the next Country Strategy Paper.

In fact, the purpose of the Zambia CSPE will be to:

  1. Provide credible evaluative information on the development results of the Bank's engagement in Zambia over the period of 2004-2014;
  2. Generate lessons and recommendations from the performance of the Bank's support to Zambia over the period of 2004-2014 to inform the implementation of future strategies and operations, including the Bank's Ten Year Strategy; and
  3. Provide credible, independent and evidence-based information to stakeholders outside the Bank to inform future development strategies and initiatives.
Central and Southern Africa
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IDEV team of AfDB