10th EDF Support to Non State Actors Programme in Tanzania - Environment Component - Project Proposals Evaluation (Concept Notes and Full Applications) and Eligibility Check

The Government of Tanzania has recently developed a comprehensive and relevant legal framework to decentralise the management of natural resources and to allow communities to directly and indirectly benefit from improved ecosystem services: i) the Environmental Management Act of 2005, ii) the Village Land Act of 1999, iii) the Forest Act of 2002, iv) the Fisheries Act of 2003 and v) the Wildlife Conservation Act of 2009.

Community-Based Natural Resources Management pilot projects implemented so far have demonstrated the overall relevance of the legislation, but needs in the sectors are huge, and implementation efforts must be scaled-up at all levels. The possibility of involving NSAs to assist in the country-wide land use planning and sustainable natural resources management process should not only be seen as an option but rather as an important asset to better manage the country resources.

In the framework of 10th EDF Support to Non State Actors Programme (Environment Component), the EU Delegation to Tanzania, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Finance (National Authorising Officer of the European Development Fund) and other stakeholders, has developed a 10M EUR project in 2010 /2011 in order to address the above mentioned issues.

The main implementation modality of the project is a Call for Proposals, which has been launched on the October 2011.

The specific objective of the assignment is to support the Contracting Authority (EU Delegation to Tanzania) to evaluate the concept notes, the full proposals and to carry out the eligibility check in the framework of the Call for Proposals with reference EuropeAid/131346/L/ACT/TZ.

Eastern Africa
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European Commission