PACT (Protected Areas Conservation Trust): Service contract for the Marine Conservation and Climate Adaptation Project " Review and Revision of the Belize Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Act and Regulation, 10/2016 - 03/2017



EU: DCI — Contract to provide communication and awareness-raising activities for the programme: 'Support measures for the institutional development and management of public policy' (Madigep), 08/2016 - 02/2021

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EU: Technical assistance in support of the pilot action programme for rural development and agriculture — ENPARD Algeria, 08/2016 – 02/2019


WB: Strengthening Agriculture Public Services II Project  / Operator of the Fund for the co-financing of agricultural extension services in the South Department of Haiti, 05/2016 - 07/2018


EU: Technical assistance to support the Climate Resilience of the Union of the Comoros, 04/2016-02/2019


EU: Technical assistance component of  'GCCA support project to The Gambia for integrated coastal zone management and the mainstreaming of climate change'


EU: Support for the Implementation of Agriculture Sector wide Approach (ASWAp) and the Green Belt Initiative (GBI) – Long Term Technical Assistance to the Department of Irrigation (03/2015-03/2018)

Guinea Bissau

EU: Technical Assistance Support Management, Surveillance and Work Control. Support project to the water sector and the solar village hydraulic system. 07/2014-11/2015

World Bank: Reinforcement of the Legal and Regulatory Framework on the Use of Fishery Resources in Guinea Bissau in the framework of the Regional Fisheries Project  in Western Africa (PRAO in Guinea Bissau). 09/2014-06/2015

Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestinian Occupied Territories, Syria, Tunisia

EU: IEVP Climate South - Support to Reducing Climate Change and Adaptation in the Southern Region of IEVP. 01-2013-01/2017

South America (18 countries)

EU: EUROCLIMA2 - Technical Assistance. 05/2014-04/2017